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Agilent Technologies, Inc. is an American public research, development, and manufacturing company established in 1999 as a spin-off from Hewlett-Packard. The resulting IPO of Agilent stock was the largest in the history of Silicon Valley at the time. The company provides analytical instruments, software, services, and consumables for the entire laboratory workflow. Agilent focuses its products and services on six markets: food, environmental and forensics, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, chemical and energy, and research. From 1999 to 2014, the company also produced test and measurement equipment for electronics; that division was spun off to form Keysight.

AP NEWS brought out in November 5, 2014, 2014 how Agilent Technologies, Inc. admitted bidding fraud,

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Federal authorities say Agilent Technologies, Inc. has agreed to pay the government almost $850,000 to resolve bid-rigging allegations.

Officials say the company last year voluntarily told authorities the sales of some electronic measurement instruments and systems to the government were the result of bid rigging.

U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag said Wednesday the Santa Clara-based scientific instrument maker has agreed to pay the government $849,678 to resolve allegations that it submitted false claims to the United States.

Haag says Agilent provided information that showed it agreed with its distributors and resellers on whether to bid and what prices to bid to meet the government’s rules.

She says the settlement agreement resolves the government’s investigation.


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Former Employee - Physician (Staff Pathologist) says

"Toxic culture, Poor science, Micromanagement"

Former Employee - Manufacturing Associate says

"- In the Frederick, CO location, there is a tremendous lack of concern for safety. Safety concerns that are brought to management are ignored. Accidents are not discussed and no changes are made to prevent future problems. - There is an extreme reluctance from management to facilitate change. - Quality systems need to be revised to more current standards, however management will not entertain "new" ideas. - Promotions are done based on favoritism and "going with the flow". Those who present innovative ideas or suggest process improvements are blacklisted."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Basically the entire site has failed up and if I could rate that place lower I would. Absolute disappointment"

Former Employee - Manufacturing says

"25 years in the industry and I can honestly say that Agilent Boulder is the worst place I have ever worked. Why? Management is deplorable and treats their employees like they are dogs, oh wait... dogs are treated better. Truth is, management couldn’t care less about the employee, and there is no work life balance at all. Agilent has a plethora of feel-good policies that make you think you are working for an ethical and caring company, but it is all window dressing. Unfortunately Agilent Boulder’s not like the rest of Agilent and the site is filled with heartless, soulless predatory managers that run their employees into the ground and then discards them like trash. Turnover at the site is phenomenal and speaks volumes about how people are treated at the site. The Human Resources department hides anything that management does that violates Agilent’s policies, so you can’t get any help resolving issues, and then you get targeted for retaliation. If you think Agilent’s 4 star reputation reflects it’s Boulder site, guess again - its about half that at Boulder."


"middle management mired in politics , cliques and do not care about business"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bad managers everywhere. Most managers became managers because the last one left company. Most new managers don’t even get manager training and work with old micromanagement style with little scope for creativity. Moral is very low in company. Most employees work for 50 hours/week but still don’t get rewarded with Individual Performance Bonus!"


"The group that I was in is a very top-down driven environment where employees are expected to fall in line with management. Any ideas that are presented are immediately shot down as a "bad idea" which results in employees to just be quiet and do as they are told. Furthermore, in an effort to obtain feedback and direction from management and to ensure that we are on the same page, I would ask yes / no type of questions and then would be immediately followed by something along the lines of "Why are you asking that?". Direction from management is very minimal, and it seems like the employee is expected to know what management is thinking without the manager’s thoughts being verbalized and effectively communicated. This is not a very supportive, encouraging work culture where ideas are not heard, team collaboration is not encouraged and where employees are not motivated to do their best. As beautiful as is the thought of the "OneAgilent" mindset that the CEO always mentions, this value statement is not exercised and practiced. If you want to come to work every day listening to managers who demoralize their employees, who treat their employees like utter failures and who make it a point to ensure that you be quiet and do what you are told, come to Agilent. The “One” in “OneAgilent” is not about team cohesion but is all about who has the most attitude, loudest voice and who has been at this company the longest. It seems that to be able to be at Agilent for 15+ years, there is a certain toxic, self-entitled mindset and attitude that is cultivated. Survival of the fittest, at the cost of positive work culture and change for the better."

Current Employee - Field Service Engineer says

"The Histology/Pathology part of the company (formally Dako) has not made money in 3 years, the joke among the executives is when will the Diagnostic group pull their weight and start making money, they took on Quest Labs and over promised and now they are struggling due to issues with reliability on the Omnis platform more and more the engineers are putting band aids trying to keep the jugular vein from bleeding out. Poor working conditions and has turned into finger pointing rather than to find solutions."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The culture at the Agilent site is incredibly toxic, people are rude and immature. Nothing is organized or structured well, you end up running around all night trying to start a process and ultimately accomplish nothing. There is zero growth opportunity, and management ensures it stays that way."

Former Employee - Genome Management (Eng) says

"Management in Genome is the worst I have ever been around from a controlling perspective. You are handcuffed to do anything without checking in. When I say “anything” I mean anything. HR is non existent and needs to check in on this ASAP."

Production Engineering (Former Employee) says

"Agilent came in and took over what was formerly Varian causing mass redundancies, misery and pain. Changed the whole culture for worse. I would not recommend Agilent to anyone. I was forced out."

Forklift Operator inventory control specialist (Former Employee) says

"I got fired all because I asked someone did they know how to make a flyer being that she’s always on Facebook on the company time. I got fired for asking a question that both of of should have been gone not just me wasn’t fair and no one was trying to hear me out."

Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"I am seeking a better employer where I could better put my talent and skills to use more effectively. The culture and group dynamics are very confusing and make working within it a chore and being effective nearly impossible. Management seeks to usurp and undermine rather than support and promote success."

IT (Former Employee) says

"An old-school style big company Not much of work / life balance. People are very protective of their knowledge and job security Good location in the heart of Bay Area"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Agilent was a fun place to work. Very busy office, which made the day go by quick. I grew very quick being at Agilent. I loved the responsibilities i had and assisting with my team mates."

ADF/WebCenter Architect (Former Employee) says

"Bad to be contractors. No growth. Agilent assumes you know everything since day one. IT support isn't very helpful."

Material Analyst / SAP Close Out (Former Employee) says

"I was disappointed at how unorganized they are,,,I worked there 10 sttraight days in Feb as a contractor and day 10 was when I got email, system log in abd started me SAP profile set up, I sat for 10 days with nothing to sad the old HP was never ever like that...nice building and peoplebackwards what can i say"

Finance Expert (Former Employee) says

"Hi, I joined this company in Aug’13 & have seen worst time since then. I joined after working with Genpact for around 5 years where I had great career. Agilent attracts the new job seekers by showing that they were listed in India’s best place to work but the facts are different. I joined their Accounts Payable - Banking&Payments team where the process is too bad. Management has done nothing to streamline the process & employees are forced to work from 8 in morning till midnight & even on every Weekends. Still their work is not completed & highlights the errors. Management really torture the employees especially in AP - Finance process. The company is not stable as proved by the fact that they got split from HP & now their EM part is getting to be split as Keysight Technologies in 2014. The lateral company is running in losses.Within 6 months of joining, company gave me Corrective action letter despite their HR policy that no employee can be judged in 6 months. Managers harasses all the time even on other’s faults. Old employees play politics here & no one wants to work here. Their another cons is the location of Manesar - worst place to go, neither secured & it’s all an Industrial area where you will be surrounded by the trucks. They have worsen my career. I was thinking of filling a suit in court against them but did not do as we get nothing in Indian courts. Guys this is my real experience & do not go to this company as you will get into depression. My colleagues who joined with me have already left this company, I was the only left to whom the company itself asking to leaveCafeteria - SodexoNo Job Security - Pathetic Location"

Product Marketing Manager / Product Partners (Former Employee) says

"Management by the numbers with no vision on the overall strategy. No commitment to long term goals."

Electronics Technician (Former Employee) says

"I was a contractor with CSA, Customer Service Associates, contractors are used where they need labor without a college degree. Agilent Employees have to be degreed. Agilent Employees are treated well. Part of contractor indoctrination is what benefits are for Agilent employees and not for contractors. Contractors are second class employees."

Quality Control Analyst Advance (Current Employee) says

"NASD in Boulder has become very top heavy with managers and has become a place that hires friends rather than qualified candidates. Good employees are leaving because of the current culture. Departments only care about the success of their group, often at the expense of other departments. For a company that is on the forefront of a pharma technology, we rely heavily on what has been done in the past rather than focusing on continuous improvements. Talking with individuals that have worked at other sites, Boulder does not reflect Agilent as a whole.Potential to improve the lives of othersNo advancement opportunities, good ol boys club"

Manager for India Sales (Current Employee) says

"no chances of growth, highly unsecured management. no training given to new joiners, no handholding. HR is insignificant in organization, lot of gender bias cases."

Shipping and Receiving Clerk (Current Employee) says

"I wouldn't recommend to anybody who has a family unless u are going in as upper management...they make us come in early and never know what time we getting is so poorly managed only because they show favoritism in the company. My experience with this company has been by the the worse in any warehouse job I've been employed"

Inbound Processor (Current Employee) says

"Management seems to have favoritism for employees that their cool with (personal friendships) if someone has a problem,they never seems to get to the root of the problem, they just dismiss the situation as if it never came up. There is no room for advancement within that company. Poor benefits, I wouldn't recommend."

manager (Former Employee) says

"Management turnover very high (3 of 4 district sales managers gone in the last 18 months). Constant consumables talent bleed to the instrument side of the biz or new opts outside of Agilent. No new CSD products in years, no investments made in this division. Have fallen short of sales goals for years. Front line management (mostly gone) has or had sales experience. Mid and upper level sales management and most of product managers and marketing CSD personnel have never carried a bag. Agilent is first an instrument company always has been always will be. Aftermarket is an afterthought. Second, Agilent is a marketing company and the thing they market the best is themselves. Don't believe the hype and stay away from the kool-aid."

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is a very incoherent company with regards to the quality of their middle managers.Try to find as much as you can about your future manager(through Linkedin,Indeed,acquaintances etc).Onboarding procedure and training are non-existent.I have also seen many people being fired for ridiculous reasons without any examination of the case by the HR.The positives are the restaurant and lack of overtime. Experienced executives will have a negative surprise, I would suggest this company only for newbies who want to enter the job market."

Manufacturing Technician (Current Employee) says

"My typical day at work involves seeing to the production of particles used in GPC chromatography. Coming to this job I had no previous laboratory experience .the work place culture has been great. the hardest part of the job has been constantly trying to meet customers demands in the ever growing science sector learning and being given opporunity to developed had been the most part i have i enjoyed about this job"

Chemical Operator (Current Employee) says

"Underpay for Hayward site, people work really hard but they pay less then the average salary for lab associate. Need to pay fair for workers and need to change how they work"

Finance Wizard Lord (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work is where i learned management workplace culture's hardest part of the job is also the most enjoyable part of the job but i stress Do NOT include"

Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I got a lot of knowledge there. I could learn so much from the conference every week and could get help from them. The software version will upgrade in every 3 months. Also the instrument mode will upgrade. That will enlarge my know-how."

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